6 different "meow" sounds and what they mean

Cats meow - mainly to communicate with people. And the velvet paws have a very large repertoire of sounds. On the basis of the sound, different concerns of a meowing cats can be distinguished.

Do you know a meow, do you know them all? This certainly does not apply to the phonetic language of cats: scientists now distinguish more than 60 different forms of meowing, with which each cat expresses moods and communicates at the same time. Cat owners are therefore good to listen to a little. Read here a small selection of especially typical meow sounds of your velvet paw.

1. Quiet and concise: express needs through meowing

The meowing of cats as a daily companion: cat owners are sure to hear from their pets regularly a quiet, yet persistent, rather short meow. This sound helps the velvet paw to communicate a need. Maybe your baby is hungry, thirsty, in the fresh air or caressing.

2. Call for help through meowing

Does your cat make long-drawn noises that sound like a plaintive "aaaaauuuuu"? It may well be that she is in a situation where she needs your help - she may be stuck somewhere. Usually cats use this type of meowing only as a last resort if they can not get ahead on their own. However, a few animals simply demand pats in this dramatic way.

3. cats greet meowing

A gentle and very short meowing cats usually give when they approach master or mistress. In this case, the sound corresponds to a kind of greeting - and is also a friendly request of the tiger tiger to pay him a little attention.

4. Meowing between mother and baby

Mothers and kittens use meow sounds as a form of communication among themselves. In particular, if the little ones have closed their eyes after birth, this type of communication is essential. Adult cats, on the other hand, no longer mew in communication with other velvet paws, but only in "conversation" with humans. This could be because cat mothers also stop this form of communication when their boys are more independent.

5. The cat meow for mating readiness

Are the sounds that your cat eats, persistent and at the same time seemingly choppy? It may well be that this is an expression of mating behavior. With these sounds, the velvet paws mostly want to draw attention to potential sexual partners.

6. Individual Meow: Voted on the owner

Cats are sensitive animals - also in terms of noise. If you frequently talk to your cat, she will also respond to you regularly by meowing and responding to you and your sounds. For this, some velvet paws even develop their own phonetic language. Certain breeds, such as the Siamese cat, are particularly communicative here.

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