Varied dog nutrition: How much variation is healthy?

A varied dog nutrition is healthy and ensures that your four-legged friends at the feeding bowl is not bored - is that really true? No. Because a dog has a very different sense of taste than a human, so you should not vary your dog's diet too often.

As for the varied dog nutrition, masters or mistresses sometimes have different ideas than their four-legged friend. Because a person is bored quickly, always find the same dishes on the plate. A dog needs much less variety to be happy.

Variety on the menu: Not always optimal

Every day a new menu in the feeding bowl? This can do more harm than good to your dog. Because his digestive tract must first adjust to the new feed. Especially the intestinal flora can be very sensitive. If you change the food too often, it puts a great strain on the stomach and intestines of your pet. With a bit of bad luck, diarrhea, vomiting and flatulence can occur.

However, if you have the suspicion that your dog is reacting to a particular feed brand or type with an allergy or intolerance, a change in the type of feed naturally makes sense. Here, however, should always be consulted the vet, who can determine whether the disease symptoms were actually caused by the food.

Varied dog nutrition: tips

The dog does not mind if he eats the same thing over and over again. Important for the four-legged friend is only that his nutritional needs are met. But a type of food is optimally sufficient. It is important here that the feed is labeled as complete feed - this means that it contains all the necessary vitamins and nutrients for your four-legged friend.

By no means should you constantly change between wet and dry food for dog nutrition - digestive problems are inevitable here. Also with feed of different manufacturers caution is necessary. If your dog tolerates a brand well, it is advisable to remain true to this.

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