Fear of the cat transport box: what to do?

The Journey in the Cat Transport Box: A drama that every cat owner knows well. Once the stubby tiger has realized that the journey in the box leads to an unpleasant vet visit, he gets scared and does everything to avoid the transport.

A simple secret trick to get your cat in the cat transport box, if she really does not want, does not exist. Most tips focus on taking the animal's fear of transportation. Dedicate yourself to this task best on a quiet day, if no vet appointment or other transport is pending - then neither you nor your cat are under stress.

Early habituation helps to take away the fear

If your cat connects the transport box only with the unpleasant trip to the vet, it is almost too late. Soon your stub tiger will hide under the sofa or on the cupboard as soon as he realizes that a journey with the cat transport box is imminent.

Here it helps to familiarize the cat early with the cat transport box, without it immediately goes on trips. Cushion the box softly and place it in a corner of the room - maybe even your cat's favorite spot. You may also put a treat for cats or an object with a familiar smell in the transport box - such as a pillow from the cat basket. Now the cat can get acquainted with the box in peace and without fear.

Wait for the cat to feel comfortable in the box before closing the lid. Repeat the procedure several times, the more you actually transport your cat.

Tips for the cat transport box

The right transport box also plays a role in a journey without fear. The opening should not be too small, so you can lift out your cat well, without being "entrenched". Ideal are those boxes that can be fully opened and not only have a lattice door. As a material, the classic wicker baskets are less well because they are difficult to clean. Choose here rather easy-care plastic.

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