Basset Hound: care and attitude

Good-natured, fond of children, playful: The Basset Hound is ideally suited as a family dog. But who wants to buy such a dog, should know about the correct attitude and care of the animal.

Anyone who properly educates the Basset Hound has found in him a faithful companion - for the whole family. The sweet four-legged friend is especially fond of children and therefore predestined for being kept as a family dog. But before you buy yourself, keep in mind that this dog needs a lot of attention and likes to be in company.

Basset Hound: This is to be considered in the attitude

The Basset Hound is a very movement-loving dog and loves long walks. To be able to live out its urge to move, a garden is a good thing. But be aware that there are no holes in the fence in this one: otherwise, his hunting instinct could cause him to explode once he has scented a trail. But do not worry: Faithful as he is, he will surely come back to you after the hunt.

In addition, it is ideal for the attitude, if you live as owner so that he does not have to climb stairs. This type of movement is not good for his back.

This is to be considered during the care

The coat of a Basset Hound is quite easy to clean and needs to be brushed every now and then. However, since his eyes and ears are very sensitive, they should be checked regularly.

As with any dog, you should of course pay attention to a balanced diet. Just watch out: This breed tends to have a few pounds more on the ribs.

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