St. Bernard: Characteristics of the big dog

The Saint Bernard is a gentle family dog. He is intelligent and able to learn. The following features are also indicative of the great Swiss.

The admittedly somewhat hackneyed description "gentle giant" pretty much describes the characteristics of the St. Bernard. Despite its impressive size, the four-legged friend is very good-natured and patient. In a large family with children, the dog feels very comfortable. Despite some elements of a stubborn head, his education usually proves to be uncomplicated because of his quiet nature.

Saint Bernard: rescue dog of passion

Since the 17th century, the monks have kept Bernhardines as mountain dogs on the Great St. Bernard in Switzerland. They accompanied and protected her - and acted because of her very good sense of direction, especially as rescue dogs in snow and fog. This activity follows the strong protector instinct of the big animals. They are very vigilant and have a strong sense of danger. Even today they are still used as avalanche detection dogs. But also as family dogs, St. Bernards are - quite rightly - very popular.

Features: Intelligent and adaptive

The four-legged friends are not only good-natured, reliable and helpful, they are also very smart. This intelligence coupled with a strong learning ability makes Bernard easy to educate and good candidates for dog sports such as agility or obedience training. Such tasks correspond very well to the character traits and the nature of the big dogs.

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