So calm a nervous cat

A move, visit or new family addition can make a cat nervous. To calm her, there are several possibilities. Above all, you should keep calm yourself.

Cats are very sensitive animals that respond to minimal changes in their environment. Sometimes you have to calm her down if your fur nose seems too nervous and stressed. The following tips will tell you how to recognize an insecure cat and how to make you feel better again.

Calm cat: just no hassle

A cat shows her nervousness quite clearly through her body language. The tip of the tail twitches back and forth, the ears turn attentively in all possible directions, possibly kicking sideways, making a hunchback and bucking the fur to look bigger. If you do not want to catch a painful paw, you should first go to disturbed room tigers.

However, you should stay calm, avoid hectic and stress, and avoid sudden movements, loud noises and shrill tones. Act normally and give your velvet paw time to calm down. Doing something unusual will only make your cat more nervous. Some fur noses prefer to hide in stress until the spook is over. As a rule, they venture out of their own accord as soon as peace has returned. In addition, gentle classical music may have a calming effect on humans and animals.

Sprays and drops for emergencies

Nevertheless, if your cat does not calm down or if you know that she is very afraid of certain situations, so-called rescue drops can help. It is a Bach flower mixture, which is administered in acute cases and has a stress-reducing effect.

In addition, there are sprays or socket sprayers with synthetically reproduced feel-good hormones. As a result, the intimidated velvet paw feels safe again.

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