Conjunctivitis in cats: symptoms and causes

Conjunctivitis in cats is caused by viruses, bacteria or foreign bodies that have invaded the cat's eye. She must be treated by the veterinarian and can be recognized by the following symptoms:

Conjunctivitis can affect both cat's eyes or just one. The symptoms associated with the disease are very unpleasant for the cat.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis in cats

Cats with conjunctivitis have reddened, sometimes swollen, eyes that tear heavily, forming a "tear-line" to the side of the eyes. In a bacterial infection, the tear fluid is whitish or yellowish and has a slimy consistency. At the beginning of the disease, the fluid is usually clear.

A cat with conjunctivitis feels visibly uncomfortable. Her ailing kitten probably rubs her paw often over the itchy and aching eyes. She blinks more often than usual and squints.

Conjunctivitis in cats: possible causes

If only one eye of the cat is inflamed, it is very likely that dirt or other small particles that the immune system responds to are the cause. The immune system defends itself against the foreign bodies in the eye and it comes to the conjunctivitis typical watery, red and swollen eyes of the cat. Even drafts or allergies can trigger this reaction.

If both cat's eyes are affected, usually a bacterial or a viral infection is the cause. Also an infection with mushrooms is possible. The conjunctivitis can also be a concomitant of another disease such as cat flu. The veterinarian will make the exact diagnosis and then determine the treatment methods.

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