Cystitis in cats: treat cystitis

A bladder infection in cats is a painful and extremely unpleasant for the velvet paw. The disease also called cystitis should therefore be examined as soon as possible by the veterinarian and treated.

The symptoms of cystitis in cats are usually easy to spot. A clear sign is blood in the urine or in the litter box. Also, the frequent discontinuation of small amounts of urine indicates cystitis.

Treat bladder infection in cats with antibiotics

The vet will first perform a urinalysis to find the causes of cystitis. Only if the respective triggers are known, a bladder infection in cats can be successfully treated. If the cystitis is due to a bacterial infection, the veterinarian usually gives your pet an antibiotic. This is administered either via injection or as tablets. Often, as a keeper, you must ensure that your cat is still being treated with antibiotics at home.

It is important that you follow the instructions of your doctor regarding the duration and dosage of the treatment. With premature termination or too low a dosage not all bacteria are killed and those who survive develop a resistance against the antibiotics. This means that the drugs lose their effect, the cystitis causes your cat to continue, but is no longer so easy to treat. If there is an increased urinary frequency, analgesics and / or anti-spasmodic agents may also be used. Frequently, the proven active substance meloxicam is used here, which makes the bladder mucosa less sensitive.

Change feed for urinary crystals

Also, urinary crystals can be the cause of cystitis in cats. In this case, the cat food plays a big role and may need to be adjusted.

There are special feeds for cats that tend to urinate. The veterinarian will inform you in detail and give you the respective feed. Urinary crystals can become urinary stones and may need to be surgically removed. Therefore, it is best to take preventative measures against urinary stones. Exercise is also effective to prevent urinary crystals.

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