Boxer: That's his character

The Boxer is a friendly, self-confident family dog. Find out what else you should know about the character of the medium-sized quadruped here.

The education you should usually succeed in a boxer, because the character of the dog is intelligent, docile and open. This breed is calm, strong and controlled. She takes orders and commands well, because her willingness to subordinate himself in the pack is very pronounced. Obedience is in the nature of this dog.

Family Dog Boxer: His nature

If you are looking for a child-loving and family-friendly dog, the boxer might be just what you are looking for. He is open and friendly and very playful in dealing with the little ones. With proper education, he is a great companion who knows how to protect his family in addition. When it comes down to it, the representatives of this breed are strangers and suspicious of strangers. They are very good as watchdogs. On the other hand, the boxer is very loyal and affectionate to his "people". He knows exactly who he belongs to and thus protects his "pack" in all situations. He is known for his courage and willpower.

Character: Lively and spirited

Not least because of its size, this dog is also very lively and active. If you want to do justice to the character of this beautiful four-legged friend, you should always follow his lively nature. He wants to get busy and play a lot. Being lazy is not at all the nature of this playful, active race.

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