How to teach your dog the command "foot"

If you want to teach your dog the command "foot", you should start training the best at puppy age. At a young age, your dog learns very fast and eagerly - you should take advantage of that.

Your puppy already runs well on the leash and masters first commands such as "seat" and "place"? Wonderful, then you can now also include the command "foot" in your training program. Your dog should learn to walk well at your side on the command "foot" - even without a leash. Read here how you can teach him.

It is practiced during the dog walk

The command "foot" learns your four-legged best in several steps during the dog walk. For the training sessions, you need time and patience. Always start the workout whenever possible near the end of the walk. If the dog has already run away and done his business, it will be easier for him to focus on you. Linen your protege - now all you have to do is decide if your pet should walk to the left or right of you when you give the command.

Command "foot": first training steps

At the beginning, you give your four-legged friend the "seat" command, precisely when he is walking straight to your desired side right next to you. Praise him if he obeys the command. Now clearly state the command "foot" and go one or two steps forward without pulling on the leash. In doing so, you take the first step with the foot on whose side the dog is sitting. If all goes well, your dog runs along. If he does not, just try again in a few minutes. If he has successfully completed two, three steps at your side, bring him back to the starting position with the "seat" command.

Through repetition and praise the dog learns

Your dog learns what to do with the Foot Command if you repeat the exercise frequently and reward it every time it does exactly what you expect it to do. Practice with each walk a couple of times. If your animal friend is good on the two steps next to you on the leash, he will be praised - if not, there will be no reaction from you. He will quickly understand what you expect from him.

Deepen the training

Once your dog masters the basics of walking at all, increase the number of steps your quadruped should run next to you. Finally, practice the command without a leash. If it does not work out and your pet suddenly stops or stops you, the training session may have gone too fast: Reduce the number of steps again.

What to do if the dog does not hear the command "foot"?

If your dog has difficulty understanding the "foot" command and responding to it as desired, it's best to start over again. Maybe your four-legged friend was too distracted on the walk and could not concentrate so well. So move the first practice sessions home to the living room or your own garden. Initially, make only very short lessons and increase the time exclusively when you realize that your dog is still receptive.

If it works at home as desired, you can lay the lesson outdoors, ideally first on routes that are quiet and that your animal friend already knows. Later, you can then practice on unknown tracks with more distraction. If your dog tends to run away as soon as you let him off, you will train with him on the towline. If, despite everything, you do not want to teach your dog the command "foot", a professional dog trainer will help you.

In the following video you get some tips from animal trainer Kathrin and her four-legged partner Shelly:

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