British Shorthair: character of the cat

Representatives of the British Shorthair breed are quiet, cozy cats. Peace-loving and with a meek character they are among the most popular tiger tigers ever.

If you would like to have a British Shorthair pull in with you, opt for an adaptable animal that is very happy both in families and in one-person households if the housing conditions are right. With these characteristics, you should count on the popular apartment cat.

The cozy British Shorthair

Representatives of this breed of cats like to take their lives relaxed and stress-free. They like to lie on a warm spot or on the window sill in the sun and can not be disturbed by anything. Playful and curious, the friendly pets are also. Hectic and uplifted, they are rarely experienced.

Unobtrusive and uncomplicated, they always present themselves as very pleasant contemporaries - that they behave inconspicuously at times, but does not mean that they are allowed to be short-sighted, or can be alone. The cuddly cats need the proximity of their humans or a four-legged conspecific and build a strong bond with them. With strangers, they are having a hard time - you should give them time to observe new people from a safe distance. When she dares to do so, she will decide for herself.

Play and clearance

It sometimes takes a while to get the cozy BKH to play - if you manage it, it can get into a torrent. This is also important for her, because the beautiful velvet paw easily tends to unhealthy overweight. Try to make her happy with varied game ideas. Hunting games are just the thing for your curious four-legged friends.

The valuable cat can, but does not have to be granted free-wheeling. Her quiet character ensures that she is happy in the apartment, and enjoys her daily tours - but in a cozy way.

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