Character of the Abyssinian cat: Lively and uncomplicated

Why is the Abyssinian cat a great family cat? Because she is incredibly sociable and tolerable. Children, adults, dogs: The velvet paw with the extravagant look goes well with almost everyone.

If you have a cat of this breed, you will experience a lot with it, because the lively, courageous, curious and very human-friendly four-legged friend is never boring. She is charming, but also good at enforcing her will. Clever as the Abyssinian cat, she always comes up with something new and is happy when her husband allows her to partake in everyday life. It is considered uncomplicated, robust and sometimes more like a dog than a cat.

The Abyssinian cat: A small bundle of energy

The Abyssinian cat likes to come up with ideas, because their game and hunting instinct are very pronounced. Not only does she hunt down her favorite toy, but she can also look for the pencil her owner has in her hand. Who wants to buy a cat of this breed, so should take a lot of time for them and get along well with their playful character. It is simply a bundle of energy and always very present.

The agreeable Abyssinian cat does not like to be alone and feels most comfortable with an animal conspecific who likes to play just as much as she does. She is cuddly, with little patience she learns little tricks and even if she is not the quietest velvet paw because of her liveliness, she rarely makes herself known about meow and other cat noises, because she has other ways to show that she there is.

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