The pug and its typical characteristics

The Pug is a lively little guy who goes through thick and thin with his owners. What the cute dog with the distinctive look for special properties has, read here.

The pug is almost always in a good mood and with his lovely, charming qualities he is a dog for the whole family. He is adaptable, but a four-legged friend who needs to be close to his human - being alone is nothing for the loyal dog.

The Pug: Cheerful, loving and affectionate

The human-related dog would like to be present everywhere and usually knows how to behave well on the go. That it brings something from the peace, you rarely experience and so he is also reliable in dealing with children. No wonder the adaptable dog feels so comfortable in families. In the life together, he is quite straightforward and is considered calm and balanced - but he can also be cocky, because he plays passionately and often brings the people around him with his lovable, somewhat mischievous way often laugh. It just never gets boring with the fun-loving little four-legged friend. Since he is sensitive and empathic, a loving deal with him should be absolutely natural, because among other things, he would suffer greatly.

Social behavior and activity

When walking and romping in the garden you will be representatives of this dog breed active, cheerful and - as far as its physical conditions allow - also sporting.

The pug is nice and open-minded, whether human or animal. In encounters with other dogs, the little four-legged is courageous and prone to neither aggression nor to timidity. Nevertheless, his owners should keep a close eye on him: his courage and kindness may lead to him underestimating danger because he forgets that not all dogs are as friendly as he is.

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