The best dog brushes for grooming

So much fun romping and petting with the four-legged friend also makes - during the change of coat, the dog is usually felt distributed his whole coat on the clothes of his owner. These brushes and combs make it easier to pre-coat your pet's coat.

1. Professional care tool

Who wants the loose hair in the coat of his four-legged friend to the collar, is well equipped with this Furminator. The professional tool removes the loose hair in the undercoat with the small metal bristles easily.

2. Practical glove

For pampering with that extra something: With this grooming glove, you can caress and scratch your dog - and free him from the annoying, loose hair. The short rubber knobs pick up the detached hairs and can be easily rinsed off afterwards.

3. Massaging care brush

This massage brush not only removes dead skin and dirt from the coat of your dog, it also has a very pleasant side effect: It massages your favorite by the way. So he will enjoy the grooming properly!

4. Refined double brush

Two is Better. This dog brush has two practical sides: one removes loose hair from the underfur of your four-legged friend with narrow metal bristles, the second gently massages it and dissolves the fine hairs out of the top hair.

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