The English Bulldog and its history

Who wants to buy an English Bulldog, is probably not only interested in their nature and attitude, but also in your story. This begins approximately in the sixth century BC ...

At that time, according to one theory, dogs of the antique and very massive fighting dog species "Molosser" were crossed with dogs of Great Dane type from Great Britain. Around the 17th century, the breed of dog that emerged from it over the years became the "English Bulldog" for the first time.

English Bulldog: Once a fighting dog

The dog breed bred at that time already differed visually from the well-known and very popular family dogs. They were much heavier and stronger. With their broad jaws and short muzzle, they were more aggressive overall.

They had to be, because they were then used as fighting dogs or as so-called "bull biter". Courageous and with much potential for aggression they had to throw themselves into bull fighting and later dog fighting, which was fortunately banned in the 19th century, at least in Britain. The bulldogs were then seen less and less, which fortunately has changed again.

The development to the loving family dog

With the resumption of the English Bulldog breed one set a new standard over the years. A smaller, stockier breed was born and in the breeding value was placed on a good and loving character. Unfortunately, the noses of the animal were getting shorter, so that many of these animals had to struggle with breathing problems. The massive heads and exaggerated many body wrinkles also caused health problems.

Luckily, many dog ​​breeders are finally reasserting the well-being of their protégés over the extreme typical image of this dog and breed their animals with the goal that you can live healthy and carefree.

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