These dog breeds are suitable for beginners

Some dog breeds are more for experienced dog owners. There are also quadrupeds that are suitable for beginners. With these dogs you will definitely succeed in the upbringing.

First of all, regardless of race, consistent education is very important. But there are dog breeds that make it easier for you as a beginner to work with you. We would like to introduce some of these four-legged friends below. This definitely includes Golden Retriever and Labrador. The big four-legged friends are among the most popular dogs for families - they are fond of children, smart and obedient.

Small dog breeds for inexperienced owners

But if you prefer a small animal roommate, because he has not so much space, for example, here are some dog breeds that educate and keep well. The pretty Maltese, for example, belongs to the four-legged friends who are great for beginners. Like every dog, he needs enough exercise, but not as much space as his big relatives. The Bichon Frisé and the Havanese are very similar to the cute Maltese and therefore also good for not so experienced dog owners.

Tips for beginners

The breeds mentioned are usually friendly and open to strangers and other animals. They usually learn desired commands and behaviors relatively quickly and follow known rules. Of course, that does not apply to every single dog in the world - you can and must contribute a large part of your education. You can also do that as a beginner. If you are unsure, seek help from an expert, such as a dog trainer.

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