Fun and safety: recognize suitable cat toy

Exuberant play is almost as important to cats as eating and sleeping every day. However, finding suitable cat toys is not always that easy. Of course, the toy should be fun. However, security also plays a crucial role.

In principle, cats play with everything that rustles or moves and not only finds exciting cat toys exciting. It does not affect our velvet paws on points such as design or colors. For you as a keeper, it should be especially important that the cat toy is not dangerous for the health of your fur nose.

Suitable cat toy is safe cat toy

Suitable cat toy is free of sharp corners and edges, which can injure a kitty. When buying toys, always pay attention to the material transitions; if these are sharp or badly processed, there is a risk of injury. Both outside and inside, there should be no hidden wires or the like which could become loose as a result of wear on the toy or damage from wild play.

Do not buy a cat toy that has been treated with harmful plasticizers. Basically, you should pay attention to test seals such as the CE seal. Since cats often touch toys with teeth and tongue, toxins should be avoided at all costs. If in doubt, ask your local dealer if there are chemical contaminants in the form of, for example, paints or adhesives.

Beware of risk of swallowing by ligaments, threads and Co.

In the heat of the moment, a raging cat can become wild and inadvertently swallow something. Dangerous are always threads or cords, whether individually or attached to the toy. Twine, gift ribbon and Co. can quickly wrap around the tongue or be swallowed and thus lead to intestinal injuries or intestinal obstruction.

Tips for suitable cat toys

Suitable cat toys can be anything that is safe and fun. A Fummelbrett without dangerous small parts that could solve, offers a lot of fun and excitement for the Miez. Also cat toy made of sisal is usually well suited for cats. You can also get creative and make cat toys yourself. Especially popular is catnip toys, so game elements that have been treated with catnip and are extremely appealing to cats.

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